Natalia Blanch was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1971. She obtained her BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts, Painting major) from the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, in 1996 and MFA (Masters in Fine Arts) from the University of Maryland at College Park, USA, in 2000.

She participated among others in the following festivals and exhibitions:

2023 Traits d'union, solo exhibition at ODRADEK art gallery, Brussels.

2023 Opening #12, Lisa Da Boit & Natalia Blanch, around the ongoing project Noeuds de l'âme, studio Étangs Noirs, December 17th, Brussels. 

2023 Research residency with Lisa Da Boit at Tipperary Danse as part of the partnership between Grand Studio (Belgium) and Tipperary Danse (Ireland), August 28th to September 8th.

2023 Manos respirando, creative residency with Lisa Da Boit at Le Boson, Brussels, August 21th to 25th.

2022 Text, texture, textile, with Marina Gasparini, M. Gronwald, M. Kunz, M. Louis, J. Paternoster, E. Saignes, F. Seffer, ODRADEK art gallery, Brussels.

-Performance Langue Vagabonde with Marina Gasparini, 09/17/22, ODRADEK art gallery, Brussels. 

2022 Scenography with Fanfan Rahir of Jamais deux sans trois, theatrical intervention as part of the extraordinary 2022 congress for the 40th anniversary of IRW-CGSP. Director Jean-Henri Drèze, Brussels.

2022 "Le lieu qui te revêt", end of residency's exhibition at FIRM Artlab, Brussels, 17 and 18/12/21  -  27 and 28/01/22.

2021 LINDA NOCHLIN FANZINE, 3rd issue. Linda Nochlin Fanzine is published on line by

2019 "Stanche Mani" choreography Lisa Da Boit, visual universe Natalia Blanch, Théâtre de la Vie 12 to 16 November, Brussels.

2019 "Keep in touch" with Valentina Perazzini and Gianni Caravaggio, Yamamo Karate club, Brussels, Belgium.

2018 "La nuit de l’o qui bouge", performance of sound and visual poetry with Thierry Bodson. La société de curiosités, Saturday May 26, Paris, France.

2016 “R 16”, TAMAT Center of the tapestry, mural arts and arts of the fabric of Wallonia-Brussels Federation,Tournai, Belgium.

2015 “Intervalos” Emilio Caraffa Museum 100 Anniversary, Córdoba, Argentina.

2014 “Friche”, video interventions, 178 Dieweg, Brussels. 27-29 June.
-Text for the presentation of the book Ali/Lai et Lau/Zip Colecciones Lucas Di Pascuale, Documentas Escénicas, Córdoba, Argentina.

2013 “Goen”, Erica Naito - Natalia Blanch, Genaro Perez Museum, Córdoba, Argentina.

2010 “Baraka II”, Espace Vallès, Saint Martin d'Hères, France.

2008 “Un moment sur l'aile du vent”, Espace Vallès, Saint Martin d'Hères, France.
-“The thread as the line”, Ellipse Art Center, Virginia, USA.

2007 "Artists' sketchbooks and illustrates diaries: exploring the in/visible", National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC, USA. Curated by Krystyna Wasserman.
-"Borderline", Espace Vallès, Saint Martin d'Hères, France. Exhibition in resonance with the Lyon Biennial of contemporary art.
-“Parabrisas", Espacio centro gallery, Córdoba, Argentina. Curated by Lucas Di Pascuale

2006 “Draw_drawing 2”, The Foundry, London, England, as part of the London Biennale 2006. Project by Giacomo Picca.

2005 “I really want to see…” group show curated by Joan Weber, Gallery Four, Baltimore, MD, USA.
-“Seven enfants terribles”, España-Córdoba Cultural Center, Córdoba, Argentina.
-2004 “The secret miracle”, Kampa Museum, Kafka-Borges Festival, June 3 – July 3 2004, Prague, Czech Republic.
-“100 years of Fine Arts in Córdoba” 100 artists, 100 artworks, curated by Daniel Capardi, Emilio Caraffa Museum, Córdoba, Argentina.

2003 “Tajemsví”, site specific video installation, Goethe Institute, Prague, Czech Republic.
-LUFF Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, 8th-12th October, Lausanne, Switzerland.
-ICECA, New Media Art Festival, CMU Art Museum, Thailand, 3/28 – 4/15/03.
-“El artista portable”, México Institute, Paris, France. Curated by Daniela Franco.

2002 “No pasarán” video projection, La Maison Rouge, Paris, France. Curated by Paula Aisemberg.
-“IV Sound Art Festival: Sound Habitat”, Ex- Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico.
-“Impermanencia-Impermanence”, Camac art center, Marnay-sur-Seine, France.

2001 “Writing of Sound”, Julia Friedman Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA.

2000 “Territories of Silence”. Parent's Association Gallery, University of Maryland at College Park, MD, USA.
-“Untitled (Notion of Sacrifice II)”. Ludwig Foundation of Cuba, La Habana, Cuba.
She was a granted resident artist in the following art centers:
2015-16 Research grant (textile studio), at TAMAT, Center of the tapestry, mural arts and arts of the fabric of Wallonia-Brussels Federation,Tournai, Belgium.
2003 Center and Foundation for Contemporary Art -Jeleni Studio, Prague.
2002 Unesco Aschberg Bursary 2001/2, Camac, art center in France.
Shadow Casters, multimedia event held in Belgrade Yugoslavia, directed by Boris Bakal, Katarina Pejovic and Pina Sioto.
2001 Km0, international workshop on contemporary art, Santa Cruz, Bolivia . Part of Triangle Art Trust (USA) and Gassworks (England), with the participation of (among others) Gerardo Mosquera (New Museum, New York), Robert Loder (Gassworks, London) Guillermo Santamarina (Ex-Teresa, Arte actual, México DF).
Atlantic Center for the Arts, Florida, USA, with the assistance of Paul Miller (aca DJ Spooky that Subliminal kid), Saul Williams and Carrie Me Weems.
2000 Ludwig Foundation, Havanna, Cuba.
Since 2010, she has been working as art professor, multidisciplinary humanities option, at Court-St-Etienne 's Provincial Technical Institute, in partnership with the inter-municipal music, dance and theater academy of Court-St-Etienne and Ottognies-Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

She has practiced aïkido since 2003 and zazen, meditation of Soto Zen Buddhism, since 2008. She took the vows of a Buddhist nun in 2018. She is married, has two children and lives in Brussels, Belgium.